Due to statewide “stay home” public health orders, the UCI UCPath project team is operating remotely. We remain committed to serving employees and transactors.

Transactors - Reach us during virtual drop-in hours via Zoom.

UCI Employees - For questions about UCPath and pay, contact:

  • UCPath: Log in to UCPath Online. Select the yellow “Ask UCPath Center” button in the top right of your browser window to send a secure message  or virtually “chat” live with a UCPath Center associate between 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. about a variety of topics.
  • Employee Experience Center (EEC):  UCI’s local support center to answer UCI UCPath and payroll questions, as well as HR and benefits-related inquiries.
    Phone: 949-824-0500     Email:  eec@uci.edu       Website:  eec.hr.uci.edu

Welcome to UCPath!

UCPath is the University of California’s single payroll, benefits, and HR system for all UC employees. This website is a gateway to UCPath Online and UCI’s support center – the Employee Experience Center. It also provides UCPath information, tools and resources for UCI employees and transactional users.

News & Updates

Call-In Center Hours Expanded for Transactional Users


Due to the direction on social distancing and remote work, the virtual drop-in center for transactional users will now be available five days a week. Starting March 30, the Zoom # will be available 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.
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UCPath Center Support


As the UCPath Center in Riverside shifts to remote work, UCPath Center phone service will be unavailable. The fastest way for UCI employees to get support is by creating a ticket through UCPath Online using “Ask UCPath Center.”
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Moved? Update Your Address Now on UCPath Online


If you have recently moved, remember to update your address on UCPath Online. This is especially important if you receive paper paychecks mailed to your address on record. Direct Deposit is still the safest and fastest way to get paid. Please consider signing up for Direct Deposit on UCPath Online.

UC’s COVID-19 Website Link on UCPath Online


The University of California is vigilantly monitoring and responding to new information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. UCPath Online’s front page features information about UC’s COVID-19 website and a link to it. Visit it often to stay informed of the newest developments in UC’s response to the pandemic.

UC Hastings Deploys UCPath


On February 24, UC Hastings went live with UCPath. Monthly-paid employees will receive their first UCPath pay February 28, and biweekly-paid employees will receive theirs March 4.
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2019 Form W-2: Wage and Tax Statements 


Employees can download their 2019 Form W-2: Wage and Tax Statements from the At Your Service Online (AYSO).

New 2020 Federal Form W-4 Information


The new Federal Form W-4 is available on UCPath Online. To view your current withholdings, see your paycheck. To update your withholdings, complete the new form in UCPath Online.

UCPath Online Demonstrations


The UCPath Center will offer UCPath online demonstrations in 2020, focusing on how employees can use the portal for a variety of self-service tasks (Employee Self-Service, or ESS).