March 2017

What the Pilot Launch Date Change Means for UCI
March 17, 2017

The University of California has revised its target launch date for UCPath at pilot locations, including UCLA, ASUCLA, UC Merced and UC Riverside, from August to December 2017. Despite making steady progress, the UCPath Executive Leadership Team approved a recommendation to extend the deployment date by four months to ensure a successful release of the new technology and transition to UCPath Center services.

UCPath is a high priority for the University, which will help more than 200,000 employees with HR, Payroll, and Benefits support services.  “The University of California is undergoing an unprecedented business transformation with UCPath, and given a change of this magnitude, the significance of system readiness and deployment precision cannot be overstated,” said Mark Cianca, Associate Vice President, Operational Services.  To ensure successful implementation, additional preparation activities and supplemental cutover rehearsals have been planned. The next available window for deployment following August 2017 is after open enrollment in December 2017.

The Pilot schedule change provides a number of advantages along with additional time for issue resolution before the next phase of testing begins:    

  • Allows dedicated time for development between data conversion cycles
  • Provides time to resolve issues between test cycles
  • Isolates final months to focus on cutover activities and campus readiness
  • Reduces complexity and resource needs for year-end activities
  • Avoids change to benefit deduction holiday for employees
  • Eliminates multiple W-2s for employees
  • Eliminates mid-year balance conversions
  • Shifts go-live date away from high-volume academic hiring cycle

The Deployment 1 group (which includes UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz and ANR) schedule will be affected; however, we will leverage Pilot learnings and work products to accelerate where possible.  Several options are being considered for a revised Deployment 1 schedule.  The Deployment 1 Subcommittee evaluated these options and made a recommendation to the UCPath Steering Committee.  The Executive Leadership Team plans to approve a new Deployment 1 schedule in late March.

Reporting Success!
March 7, 2017

The reporting team is actively collaborating with schools and units including the Merage Business School and School of Biological Sciences to better understand requests for reports and information.  Recently, the team created a sample set of reports and dashboards to present to the business school.

“Thank you for the awesome presentation and all the work you have and will continue to do for us.  I am very impressed with the materials presented today and look forward to future collaborations," said Thuy Nguyen ’00, M.B.A. ’11, Merage School Academic Personnel.

The results were successful.  The interactive reports, with drill down ability, will save many repetitious screen searches in the Payroll & Personnel System (PPS) and Kuali Financial System (KFS).  The employee milestone dashboard was particularly well received in that it shows all employees hitting respective milestones (service anniversaries, reviews due, vacation exhausted, etc.) at-a-glance with drill down ability.

This was so well received because currently one can only look up an individual to determine if any milestones are forthcoming. We look forward to sharing these demonstrations with other schools on campus and incorporating their needs into the growing list of reports that we will deliver to facilitate the adoption of UCPath.