Frequently Asked Questions


UCPath is transforming the way UC delivers human resource, benefits and payroll services to more than 200,000 employees. More than a technology upgrade, UCPath strengthens our operations and prepares the UC system for future growth. We will become more efficient in how we work together and share information systemwide, and campuses will have greater freedom to focus on UC’s core mission of teaching, research and public service. Employees will have better access to their information through the UCPath web portal and support staff at UCPath Center.

UCPath is a project launched by the University of California (UC) to modernize its current payroll system, which is nearly 40 years old. UCPath introduces new technology that will unify and standardize our payroll, benefits, and human resources for all UC employees. Once UCPath is live at all locations, every employee will have access to the same system and ability to view personnel and payroll information, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, view or enroll in benefits, see vacation and sick leave balances, and more through the UCPath portal.

See the projected deployment schedule here.

Each deployment is a group of four to five campuses; each with a large volume of complex data to be moved from a campus’ local payroll and personnel systems into the UCPath system. When all deployments are complete, data for more than 200,000 employees across 20 locations will be transitioned into the UCPath data management system. With so many employees and unique systems, managing data is a significant effort. Before data can be moved from a campus’ local data system into UCPath, it must be converted into a format that aligns with the new UCPath platform. Data-related tasks become even more complex for campuses with medical centers or research laboratories, and diverse employee populations (comprised of academic faculty, scientists, physicians, administrative staff, student employees, and maintenance crews).

The project teams responsible for UCPath are tightly coordinated and working diligently toward each successful deployment. Every day, teams of people are converting and testing data, conducting deployment rehearsals, designing the UCPath portal, training administrative staff to use the new system and preparing UCPath Center support staff to respond to employee questions.

The UCPath portal is a self-service website that gives employees 24/7 access to UC employment information. As each campus goes “live” on UCPath, employees will be able to log into the UCPath portal in a variety of ways, including mobile devices, and computer from work or home. They will have the ability to view and update personnel and payroll information, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, view or enroll in benefits, see vacation and sick leave balances, and more. Although the UCPath portal is self-service with user tutorials available for most tasks, users can also submit inquiries through the “Ask a Question” tool.

The UCPath Center is a shared services hub where onsite staff helps employees understand payroll, benefits and HR information. UCPath Center employees are trained to respond to a variety of scenarios and also answer questions received through the portal’s “Ask a Question” tool. 25 percent of UCPath Center employees previously worked at other UC locations. The Center is located in Riverside, Ca. in a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified building.

Several months before UCPath launches at a location, employees will receive information about what’s changing, what the new portal will offer, and how to contact the UCPath Center for help. As the actual transition date approaches, specific communications and trainings will be provided to instruct employees about using the new UCPath portal and changes that affect them. For administrative staff and others who specialize in human resources, benefits and payroll, the UCPath training team will deliver courses to explain new UCPath processes. A mix of training modules - instructor-led and web-based – will be provided to those who work on UCPath processes to ensure they are knowledgeable and comfortable working in the tool. All local communications are managed by UCPath program teams and change management communicators in partnership with local communications offices and other local staff. If you have questions about training, visit ucpath.uci.edu to contact your local UCPath project team.

For general questions about the UCPath program, visit ucpathproject.ucop.edu. The website is updated regularly with news and location-specific information.